Wanaparthy town in Wanaparthy district was formed as a third tier municipality on 05.05.1984. According to the 2011 census, the municipality has a population of 70,416 with a total of 17,382 households. The area of ​​this town is 52.45 square meters and dividing the town into 33 wards. Areas of Nagavaram, Rajanagaram, Narsingayapalli and Srinivasapuram surrounding the town were merged into Wanaparthy Municipality on 14.03.2019.

Organisational Chart.

Development Works :

Development works in various wards of Wanaparthy town ie Sewerage and C.C. Municipal General Fund and 14th Finance Commission funds of Rs.1.50 crore have been completed for the construction of roads. and Rs. 2.74 crore proposals have been prepared for undertaking development works.

In survey no. 200 near Nagavaram suburb of Wanaparthy town, proposals were made for the construction of dumping yard with the funds of 14th Finance Commission with Rs. 100.00 lakhs, out of which Rs. 44.00 lakhs work is in progress.

S.C. in Wanaparthy town. S. T. For the development of areas, proposals for various development works have been prepared and completed with Rs.1.69 crores.

G.O.M.S. of Govt. for balance works for construction of integrated vegetable and meat markets at Khandakam in Wanaparthy town. No.218, dated By 29.3.2018 Rs. 5.00 crores have been sanctioned. This work is under construction.

For the development of Vaikuntha Dham in Wanaparthy town, 14th Finance Commission funds of Rs.1.23 crore have been completed for 3 works.

Site for Faucal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) in Survey No. 200 near Nagavaram Dumping Yard Gutta in Wanaparthy Town.

An animal care center has been taken up with urban development funds of Rs.0.50 crore in one acre of land in survey no.200 at Nagavaram under Wanaparthy town.

T.U.F.I.D.C. Funding:

Structure of integrated vegetable and meat markets in Survey No. 55 at Srinivasapuram under Wanaparthy town by TUFIDC. Funding is to be undertaken with Rs.4.50 crores. As this place is far away from the city, an alternative place has to be procured.

Vaikuntha Dham structures in Survey No. 200 of Nagavaram and Rajanagaram in Survey No. 248 of Wanaparthy Town were approved by TUFIDC. 2.00 crores of funds to be undertaken.

Wanaparthy town has 6 parks namely 1) Naik Park 2) Savaran Street Park 3) E-Seva Park 4) New Town Colony Park 5) Vengal Rao Nagar Colony Park 6) K.D.R. Development of Hanuman Temple Parks Rs. 100.00 lakhs works in progress.

In Wanaparthy town, the works are in progress at a cost of Rs.370.00 lakhs for central lighting and median plantation at Gopal Peta Road, Chityala Road, Pebber Road, Panugal Road and Rs.380.00 lakhs for beautification of Talla Cheruvu and Amma Cheruvu.

Construction of sewers in various wards of Wanaparthy town and C.C. Proposals for Rs.262.00 lakhs have been prepared and are in the tender stage for road construction.

A vegetable market is under construction at Hanuman Tekidi in Wanaparthy town with a cost of Rs.140.00 lakhs.

Sewerage in various wards of Wanaparthy town, C.C. Roads, B.T. Construction of roads (Praja Vaidyashala Road, Bus Depot Road and CC Road from Hyderabad Road to Qasim Nagar Road) has been completed at a cost of Rs.311.00 lakhs.

Construction of flood canal (from Jagruti College to Swimming Pool and from Sainagar Colony to Rajiv Grihakalpa) at Wanaparthy town has been completed at a cost of Rs.269.00 lakhs.

i) Widening of Roads :

                Widening of 5 major roads in Vanaparthi town namely 1) Hyderabad Road 2) Chityala Road 3) Panugal Road 4) Pebber Road 5) Kothakota Road as part of the first phase of Hyderabad Road, Chityala Road widening 60%, Panugal Road 50% and Pebber Road widening 10% of the works are completed.

ii) Grants :

Urban Development Funds : Rs.230.00 Lakhs

14th Finance Commission Funds : Rs.435.00 Lakhs – 200.00 Lakhs

Funding of 15th Finance Commission:

B.R.S./L.R.S. Funding : Rs.250.00 Lakhs – 250.00 Lakhs

Swachh Bharat :

As a part of Swachha Bharat-Swachha Telangana program, houses in the town without private toilets were identified and constructed and Wanaparthy town was declared as an open defecation free town.

In the ranks announced by the government this year as part of the cleanliness survey program, Wanaparthy Municipality has secured the 51st rank in South Zone and 6th rank in the state.

For the year 2022-2023, Wanaparthy Municipality has secured 49th rank in South Zone.

Aasara Pensions :

A total of 8920 (including merged villages) pensions of all types are being provided to various communities.

Old Age Pensions   4267
Widow Pensions      3000
Disability Pensions   1311
Pensions of stone masons 34
Pensions of handloom workers 36
Pensions of Beedi Workers   173
Single Woman Pensions   99
Total 8920


As part of the Harita Haram program, 21 tree parks were established out of 33 tree parks in Wanaparthy Municipality. The remaining 12 tree parks are under progress.

Brihut Urban Nature Forest has been established near the new District Collector’s office.

For the 7th phase of Harita Haram program undertaken in Wanaparthy town, nurseries were established and plants were raised by the women’s associations of the town.

For the year 2022-2023, 95% of the target of 1,27,038 saplings has been completed out of 133,697 target under Harita Haram programme.


Wanaparthy district consists of 5 municipalities namely 1) Vanaparti 2) Atmakur 3) Amarachinta 4) Kottakota 5) Pebber municipalities. There are 2163 women self help societies in all 5 municipalities of Wanaparthy district and there are 23268 women self help societies in these women societies. And a total of 55 disabled people’s associations, there are 280 disabled people’s members in these associations. and 88 Women’s Slum Federations in Districts as well as 5 Urban Federations in 5 Municipalities in Wanaparthy District

80 Mahila Arogya Samithi will be set up in 40 federations by the National Urban Health Mission. Through them women are made aware about health.

A survey was conducted to grant loans to street vendors through Atma Nirbhar scheme in 5 municipalities of Wanaparthy district and 6265 people were identified and the details of such street vendors were given by P.M. Registration is done in Swanidi online portal. Next 4575 street vendors were sanctioned bank loan of Rs.10,000/- each. 2660 target for eligible salespersons 969 Rs. 20,000/- loan was sanctioned.

Plantation of 2.50 lakh saplings for Harita Haram program by Women’s Associations in Wanaparthy Municipality. And door-to-door distribution of plants was done.

In the year 2022-2023, Rs. For the target of 779.11 lakh bank linkage loans, Rs.635.50 lakh bank linkage loans have been sanctioned to 93 women’s associations.

Basti Dhawakhana:

Basti Davakhana has been set up near KDR Nagar Water Tank (CRC Building) in Vanaparthi town as per government orders.

Telangana Sports Complexes (TKP):

As per the orders of the Telangana government, 33 wards of Wanaparthy town have to have sports grounds, so currently 6 sports grounds have been established in the town.

Purchase of vehicles:

Purchase of Vaikuntha Ratham, two (2) water tankers, J.C.B., ten (10) garbage collection autos.

Tender process for purchase of Vaikuntha Ratham, Two (2) Water Tankers, J.C.B., Garbage Collection Ten (10) Autos.


S No Name Gender Designation Ward Number mobile Number Localities
1 ARPULA GATTU YADAV Male Chairperson 24 8297111444 Bandar Nagar, Peerlagutta(P)
2 VAKITI SRIDHAR Male Vice Chairperson 30 9440212400 Sai Nagar(part) Ijaiah Nagar,Jangidipura m New Town Colony (part) and Nandi hills (Part)
3 KAGITALA LAXMINARAYAN Male Ward Member 1 9440212535 Raigadda, Teluguwada and Nadimigeri
4 BALRAM RAMADEVI Female Ward Member 2 9963171081 Chakali Veedhi, Mollageri and Brahmanaveedhi
5 MOHD SAMAD PASHA Male Ward Member 3 9949464264 Savaran street, Pinjari geri,Gareeb nagar and Kummari geri (part)
6 BODDUPALLY PAMDA Female Ward Member 4 9502838388 Balangar.Kummar igeri (part) and Narsingayapalli
7 MEGHAVATH SHANTHI  Female Ward Member 5 9908850644 Balangar (Part) , indira colony and Vasya thanda
8 KANCHA RAGHAVENDRA Male Ward Member 6 9700676193 Peerla Gutta (P),
Mettupally, Thirumala Colony (P)
9 NAKKA RAMULU Male Ward Member 7 9059857759 Peerla Gutta, Thirumala Colony (P)
10 VIBUDHI NARAYANA Male Ward Member 8 9848173267 Srinivaspur, Bijina gadda Thanda, jangalagutta, Jour and Shanthingar Colony
11 AMGOTH BASHYA NAIK  Male Ward Member 9 9948890779 Bonamma Thanda,Beekya Thanda, Marrikunta, Sagar Colony. Bhageertha Colony and Laxmi Narsimha Colony
12 GURAKONDA JAYASUDHA  Female Ward Member 10 9441059372 Nagavaram
13 UDARI SUMITHRA Female Ward Member 11 9912293947 Nagavaram, Nagavaram Thanda, Ramnagar (P)
14 UNGUR ALIVELU Female Ward Member 12 9948639040 Rajangaram and Vaddegeri
15 PUTTAPAKALA MAHESH  Male Ward Member 13 8897879593 Ram Nagar Colony
16 PUTTOJU BRAMHA CHARY Male Ward Member 14 9010002432 Subhash wada, Brahmam gari veedhi, shankar gunj and Damodhar Thota
17 BANDARU KRISHNAIAH Male Ward Member 15 9949814469 MaJeed Road, Musti Geri Maremma Kunta and High school Road 
18 DYAVARA PADMAMMA Female Ward Member 16 9912272672 Hanuman Tekdi, Pathakota and Arabgally (part)
19 NUJAHATH UNNISA BEGUM Female Ward Member 17 9396811444 Arab Gally, Patha Bazar
20 GANDHAM SATYAMMA Female Ward Member 18 8096130130 Gandhi Nagar (Part)
21 SUGURU CHANDRAKALA Female Ward Member 19 9440144691 Gandhi Nagar (Part)
22 PAKANATI KRISHNAIAH Male Ward Member 20 9989538828 Gandhi Nagar (Part)
23 BAPANPALLY VENKATESHWARLU Male Ward Member 21 9440135888 Harijan wada, Nadimalla Gadda, Gokam Gadda and Megya Thanda
24 CHEERLA SATYANARAYANA SAGAR Male Ward Member 22 9494885714 High school road, Bhagath singh Nagar, Pangal Road   and Swetha Nagar
25 NANDHIMALLA BHUVANESHWARI Female Ward Member 23 9542805494 Pangal Road, Bandar Nagar and Vallbh Nagar
26 KANAKATI LAXMI Female Ward Member 25 9177062545 NTR Colony
27 KADIRE JAMPANNA Male Ward Member 26 9951666264 NTR Colony (Part) Teacher’s Colony
28 BHATULA LAXMIDEVI Female Ward Member 27 9052136966 Sagar Colony and Sai nagar Colony(Part)
29 ANEMONI MANJULA Female Ward Member 28 7013143335 Vengal Rao Nagar 
30 POLICE BHARATHI Female Ward Member 29 8499096909 RTC
Colony, New town Colony (part), New Bus Stand and New Gunj
31 BANDARU RADHAKRISHNA Male Ward Member 31 9585154470 Nandhi Hills (part) KDR Nagar (part) Baswannagadda
32 PENDYAM NAGANNA YADAV Male Ward Member 32 9440082387 Deegree College Road,and KDR Nagar
33 UNGLAM ALEKHYA Female Ward Member 33 9490600606 Vallbh Nagar , Bandar Nagar (Part) and Bus Depot Road
34 Gulam Khader Male Co option Member   9440835482  
35 M Padma Female Co option Member   9491194467  
36 Imran Bin Ali Male Co option Member   9581282030  
37 SK Khariun Female Co option Member   9912937172  


Sl.No 1B) Name of the Officer/ Staff Designation  Phone No 
1 G Vikram simha reddy Commissioner 9849905923
2 Suryanarayana Deputy Executive Engineer 7093226007
3 BHASKAR Assistant Engineer 7337396535
4 HEMALATHA Assistant Engineer 9849986798
5 KRISHNAIAH Junior Accounts Officer 9121106500
6 SUDHAKAR Town Planning Supervisor 9959051388
7 RAMESH Sanitary Inspector 9398433981
8 ANIL KUMAR Manager & Revenue Officer 9000108810
9 SAILU Senior Assistant 9849980757
10 NIRAJANAMMA Senior Assistant 7396941444
11 ASHOK KUMAR Senior Assistant 9110585293
12 VARA LAXMI Senior Accountant 9618466309
13 Raj kumar UDRI 9959747897
14 BALAGOVINDU Junior Assistant 8790465681
15 KARENNA Junior Assistant 8106294063
16 MADHUBABU Junior Assistant 9866815212
17 ANJANEYULU Junior Assistant 9133242616
18 BURAN Junior Assistant 9885930077
19 MALLESH Junior Assistant 9908834436
20 AFZAL work inspector 9849986796
21 ESHWARAIAH Bill Collector 9160215018
22 SRINIVASULU Bill Collector 7979541592
23 USHA RANI Bill Collector 9502328706