Brief introduction about the Department

Irrigation & CAD Department of Telangana State is making every effort to harness and utilize all the available water resources for the benefit of Agricultural sector, Industrial Sector and also providing drinking water for overall development.

The main objective of Irrigation Department in Telangana is to create irrigation potential in the drought prone areas, upland areas and upkeep of the existing projects to enhance the agriculture productivity per unit of water with increased water use efficiency.


  1. Hydrological assessment of availability of water in the river basins including water allocation to the Irrigation and other purposes.
  2. Planning & design of Irrigation systems.
  3. Construction of new projects to create irrigation potential for economic development of the state.
  4. Stabilization of existing ayacut by rehabilitation of the age-old projects.
  5. Modernization of age old Major & Medium Irrigation projects.
  6. Improve water management and water use efficiency by integrated and coordinated efforts by all line departments.
  7. Preparation and implementation of operation and maintenance plans for existing Irrigation projects.
  8. Flood management.
  9. Restoration and maintenance of flood banks.
  10. Irrigated area assessment and assessment of water royalty charges for industrial and other utilization.
  11. Presentation of data & analysis on water availability, utilization of Interstate river basins, presenting the information to the respective tribunals.
  12. Exploration of new project commands.

Schemes and Target Allocatoions and Achievements of the Department

Official contact numbers and Mail IDs of the Department