Department Name:

District Co-operative Office Wanaparthy


Room No. 212, IDOC, Wanaparthy.

Pin No- 509103.

1. Introduction:

The spectrum of Cooperative Movement is seen in all classes of societies cutting across Professions, Occupations, Age, Gender, and Places. It has no bounds. There are cooperatives for labours and lawyers, students and teachers, fish farmers, and filmmakers. There are cooperatives for producers and consumers, farmers, artisans, doctors, drivers, etc., The cooperatives are found in metros, towns, and villages too, and in plains and hill areas. There are cooperatives for horticulture, mulberry growers, and industrialists. Cooperatives are there in Education, Excise, Banking, Housing Medical, and Health departments. So its spread is limitless. It is unique in its versatility in dealing with divergent subjects. There is also huge potential for the formation of cooperatives in emerging areas such as Energy, Warehousing, Seed production, Tourism, Health, etc.,   

The cooperative moment symbolizes the collective strength of the weak. Weak implies people of all weaker sections of the society such as SCs, STs, Women, Small and Marginal farmers, Rural Artisans, Labours, Construction workers, Consumers, and all resource-poor as well as vulnerable people. Weak also implies economically exploited and those unable to harvest their resources to optimum capacity.

2. The role of the registrar:

The Registrar will act as a friend, as a philosopher, and as a guide in an organization and in conducting business.

3. To improve the broad areas in the Department:

  • Education and awareness among members and managing committees.
  • Training of department and society employees.
  • Fine-tuning of Departmental legislation.
  • Professional Management of societies.
  • Creation of facilities by societies.
  • Business improvement and diversification of activities by societies and efficient delivery.

4. Activities need to be taken up to achieve the goals in the department:

  • Infusion of share capital contribution by the Government to all the co-operatives in order to facilitate to increase the borrowing power of the institution.
  • Providing land to all PACS/DCMS for the construction of godowns, and other storage facilities.
  • Providing grants towards working capital to state-level institutions, PACS/DCMS to increase the business strategy.
  • Extension of I.T support to PACS/DCMS for creating the database and to serve as information centers.
  • Bringing more agriculture-related services under the ambit of PACS through convergence.
  • Engaging professional staff.
  • Massive member awareness programs are to be conducted.
  • Developing standard operating procedures for Department regulatory activities.
  • Provision for facilities to field officers for effective functioning.
  • Developing Training modules for departmental and social employees.
  • Annual audits & periodical inspections are scheduled to be formulated at the beginning of the year.            

District-level Schemes:

RKVY – Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana.

ICDP – Integrated Cooperative Development Project. Assistance to PACS (Share Capital contribution)

Target Assignments and Achievements:

  • Every year Audit will be conducted as per schedule.
  • Elections will be conducted every  (5) years in respect of all (15) PACs.
  • Other weaker section elections are also conducted from time to time by the State Cooperative Election Authority, duly after receiving the requisition from the concerned societies/Functional Registrars.
  • Registration of societies also will be made to all sections of people under TSCS Act 1964 and MACS Act 1995.
  • An overall administration in respect of societies registered under the TSCS Act 1964 by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies.
  • Every season in the year procurement of Paddy, Maize, Redgram, Blackgram, etc., will also be taken up, with a view to strengthening the Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies.

Department officers and Contact numbers, Email IDs:

Sl.No Name  Designation Mobile Number  Mail ID 
1 Sri.M Raghunath Rao Special Cadre Deputy Registrar/ District Co-operative Officer, 7013957756
2 Sri.A.Srinivasulu Assistant Registrar (Office) 9398119712, 9885229895.
3 Sri.P.Ramesh Babu Assistant Registrar, (Office) 9949110483, 7780540980.