Survey and Land Records Department was established in the year 1875 From 1920 surveys have been taken up in Telangana while using the Bombay System of Survey and completed survey works up to 1956.

In this process of survey, every field has been given a number named Teppan and prepared Village Maps (Dry & Wet), Sethwar, Wasool Baqui other records for every Revenue Village. By using the above records, this Department was solving the Rayathas Survey Boundaries Disputes, and Village Boundaries disputes.

This Department also participates in the main Roll in Land Acquisition Works, Assignment Works, Govt Interested other works like Mission Bagiratha, Mission Kakatiya, Double Bed Room Houses, Road Winding Works, etc.

In Wanaparthy District this Department was working under the control of the Inspector of Survey,  Survey, and Land Records.


Name of the District:- Wanaparthy

No. of Revenue Divisions:- 01

No.of Mandals:- 14

No.of Revenue Villages:- 223

District Survey and Land Records office is established for land survey and maintaining of land records. The main purpose is to survey the lands, and identify lands whether the Government or Patta at Mandal Level, Divisional level, and also District Level. The following are the works constituted to this office.

  1. F – Line petitions (Demarcation of Patta & Govt. Lands )
  2. Assignment Sub- Division work.
  3. Land Acquisition work.
  4. Land Alienation work
  5. Patta Land Sub-Division work.
  6. Issue of Certified Copies

    • Copy of Tippens
    • Sethwars
    • Supplementary Sethwars
    • Wasool Baqui
    • Village maps
  7. Preparation of Supplementary Sethwars.
  8. Attend Court Cases (Land dispute matters)
  9. Attend Correction Cases
    • If Name of the Pattadar is Miss–spelt
    • In Inter changing of Survey Numbers.
    • If Survey Number missing in the Survey Map
    • If there is Area correction
    • If there is Plotting error in the Map
  10. Village Boundary dispute.
  11. Every Land related Government works is attended by this office staff.

Staff Details Cadre wise

  • Inspector of Survey (Dist.Survey Officer)
  • Dy.Inspector of Survey
  • Surveyors
  • Dy.Surveyors
  • Senior Droughts Man
  • Computer Droughts Man Gr-I
  • Computer Droughts Man Gr-II
  • Senior Assistant
  • Junior Assistant
  • Typist
  • Chainman
  • Office Subordinate


Name of the District Total No. of villages Village Maps FMBs/Tippans RSR / Sethwars Remarks
Total  Available Missing Scanned % of missing Total  Available Missing Scanned % of missing Total  Available Missing Scanned % of missing
1 Wanaparthy 224 224 220 (02) Missing
(02) Torn
220   86092 67921 18179 67921 22% 224 180 44 141 19% Remaining 43 Sethwars are in torn condition

 Status Report on Staff Position in DMU/WANAPARTHY District in detail of Dist Survey and Land Records office Wanaparthy:

Name of the Employee Designation Cell No.
1 2 3
J.Bala Krishna Inspector of Survey 9490975339/8712656028
A.Nirmala Bai Dy.IOS  7893328077
MD Shafuallah Surveyor 9951139503
M.Venkateshwar Reddy Surveyor 8500496099
K.Veena Rani Surveyor 9010406216
M.Vasantha Surveyor 9493233417
J.Pennaiah Surveyor 9493363027
G.Bhasker Surveyor 9494017665
P.Swathi Surveyor 8688650716
M.Sumalatha Surveyor 9505525620
G.Charanjeevi Dy.Surveyor 9550820808
C.Srinivas Yadav Dy.Surveyor 9440794217
G.Vikas Dy.Surveyor 9030424362
M.Pandu Kumar Dy.Surveyor 9494268357
G.Naveen Kumar Reddy Dy.Surveyor 8639863660
R.Sucharitha Dy.Surveyor 8184901045
V.Shilpa SDM 9948780803
P.Srikanth Sr.Asst 9948759667
MD Saleem Pasha Jr.Asst 8978361364
G.Charan Kumar Typist 9000554431
Md.Raheemuddin Chainman 9885625527
G.Lakshmi Devi Office Subordinate 9441374191
G.Soubagya  Office Subordinate 9032101417

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