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Sarala Sagar Project:

Sarala Sagar Project, one of the oldest projects in Telangana has come into the picture once again due to the Mission Kakatiya Phase-III works being undertaken there presently, with the State government spending Rs 2.30 crore for desilting and repair of guide walls.

Sarala Sagar Dam is the Second biggest dam with Siphon Technology. Dams have been a necessity in the land with agriculture as the main source of occupation. The importance increases when the dams are powered with the latest and advanced technology. The Sarala Sagar Dam Project is one just project that has incorporated the technology from California. The project is an outstanding example of development of advanced Science and Technology in India with respect to dams.

The Sarala Sagar Dam Project, located in Wanaparthy District of Telangana State is just a few kilometers away from the Hyderabad- Bangalore National Highway -7. It is about 6 kms from the Kothakota Mandal Head quarters. Main water source of this irrigation project is from River Krishna.

Wanaparthy Ruler Raja Rameshwara Rao had been the founder of the advanced technology based dam. The project is named after his mother, ‘Sarala’. The foundation of the project was laid on 15th September, 1949. The project was inaugurated by the military Governor of Hyderabad General Sri J.N Chowdary. Raja Rameswar Rao made sure that the technology involved was the most advanced available technology and hence the same was brought from California in USA. The project had however been stopped for some time due to some unknown reasons and was later resumed in 1959. The project benefits by irrigating a vast area of 4000 Acres of agricultural land in the district.

The Sarala Sagar Project is the live example of the benefits experienced by the use of new and advanced technology in the infrastructure building. Located about 6 Kms away from Kothakota Mandal Head quarters on National Highway No. 7 from Hyderabad to Kurnool. The primary technology implemented in the project is the automatic Siphons system which is a very rare and unique system. The system is unique to Asia and the implementation in the project is the second project in the world. The technology can be put in brief: There are 17 siphon hoods and 4 primary siphons that are being used in the project. The siphon system automatically opens once the water levels exceed the capacity. The project attracts many tourists to the place. Architects and students of civil engineering also come here for research and study.

Sarla-Sagar-project, Wanaparthy

How to reach Sarala Sagar Dam:

Sarala Sagar Project is just 6 Kms away from Kothakota Mandal Headquarters, on the Bangalore- Hyderabad Highway i.e. NH-7 in Mahabubnagar district. Also this place is at a distance of 43 Kms from Mahabubnagar and 140 Kms from Hyderabad, the state capital.

By Road: Since the place is very near the NH-7, the visitors can reach the destination from Hyderabad to Erravalli X Road. The destination is about 13 km from Erravalli X Roads, 43 Km from Mahabubnagar. Buses go from Mahabubnagar to Sarala Sagar quite frequently. One can also use private transport to reach Sarala Sagar Dam.

By Train:There are many trains that can be boarded to reach the place. One may take the trains running between Hyderabad to Tirupathi, Hyderabad to Bangalore, Egmore of Chennai to Kachiguda in Hyderabad and New Delhi to Tirupathi and get down at the Mahabubnagar Railway station.

By Air: The nearest airport is the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at shamshabad about 120 kms from Wanaparthy.One may not be able to find any proper accommodation near Sarala Sagar Project. One has to stay at Wanaparthy. There are many comfortable accommodations within the budget in these places.