In Wanaparthy District there are 14 Mandals and 255 Grama Panchayats out of which (79) were newly formed Grama Panchayats.

Name of the Officer: Sri Suresh Kumar


1. Maintaining Sanitation in Villages

2. Measures for providing Drinking Water

3.Gram Panchayat Administration

4. Conduct  Gram Sabha & Gram Panchayat Meetings.

5. Birth & Death, Marriage Registrations

6. Construction permission.

7. Property tax Collections.


1. 14th Finance commission grants: These grants will be received from Commissioner, Panchayat Raj Hyd to Gram Panchayats.

2. State Finance Commission grants: These grants will be received  from Commissioner, Panchayat Raj Hyd to Grama          Panchayats

3. General Fund: This is Own revenue of Gram Panchayats which include seigniorage, Sand Taxes, House Tax, Property Tax, Auctions.

4. Stamp Duties: These grants received from the Dist.  Registration Department to Gram Panchayats.


Every Gram Panchayat  constituted the following standing Committees

1. Standing Committee for Sanitation, Dumpyard, and burial ground :

2. Standing Committee for Street lights

3. Standing Committee for Plantation and Green cover improvement :

4. Standing Committee for works and shandies.

Special Initiatives:

  1. Pallepragathi I, II, III & IV: As a part of the Palle Pragathi action Plan a special drive has been conducted towards the maintenance of Sanitation in which Bushes clearance, Old buildings dismantle, Closing of open wells, etc., has been done in Villages. 
  2. Harithaharam: As a part of the Telanganaku Haritha haram plantation program in Wanaparthy district  (605077) plants have been planted in homestead plantation.
  3. In each GP PPV, Crematoria and Segregation shed has been constructed.
  4. Door to Door collection of waste: By using Try cycles household waste is being collected indoor the collection.
  5. Dry Day: Dry Day Programme is going on One day a week i.e., “ Friday “
  6. One GP one Nursery: Instructions have been issued for maintenance of nursery for every GP, Raising of seedlings for plantation in the next financial year.
  7. Purchase of Tractor to each GP: Towards watering of plants planted under TKHH, Sanitation, and other basic necessities of Gram Panchayat, one tractor to each GP is going to be purchased.

Online Applications:

There are (2) kinds of online applications related to Gram Panchayat Administration as detailed below:                            


    • Local Government Directory (LGD)
    • Area Profiler
    • PRIA Soft
    • Plan Plus
    • Action Soft
    • National Asset Directory
    • Training Management Online
    • National Panchayat Portal

Local Government directory:

Captures all details of local governments and assigns unique code. Also maps Panchayats with Assembly and Parliamentary Constituencies.

Area Profiler:

Captures geographic, demographic, infrastructural, socio-economic, and natural resources profile of a village/panchayat. Universal database for the planning of all sectoral programs and also provides details of Elected Representatives, etc

PRIA Soft:

Captures receipt & expenditure details through voucher entries and automatically generates cash book, registers, etc.

Plan Plus:

Helps Panchayats, Urban Local Bodies and line departments in preparing Perspective, Annual and Action Plans

National Panchayat Portal:

Dynamic Web site for each Panchayat to share information in the public domain.

National Asset Directory:

Captures details of assets created/maintained; helps avoid duplication of works.

Action Soft:

Facilitates monitoring of physical & financial outcomes/outputs under various programs.


Portal to address training needs of stakeholders including citizens, their feedback, training materials, etc.


  • Citizen Services:
    • Building Permissions
    • Layouts
    • Mutation
    • Trade License (New, Renewal)
    • House Tax Assessments
  • PS Performances Module

PS app: State application PS capturing daily sanitation in PS Mobile app

Mandal Panchayat Officers Mobile Numbers:

Sl.No Mandal Name Name of the MPO Mobile Number
1 Amarachintha Pudhattu Narsimhaiah 9441626409
2 Atmakur Kandula Narsingrao 9849771797
3 Chinnambavi Bigulu Ramaswamy 8523864560
4 Ghanpur Akke Raju 9959861401
5 Gopalpeta Balamolla Hussainappa 7674001244
6 Kothakota Ravindrababu  9441649650
7 Madanapur Nagerla Pushpa 9985037264
8 Pangal Pallati Raghuramulu 9959340789
9 Pebbair Sri R Roja 7675848763
10 Peddamandadi Bangaru Venkata Prasad 9866552114
11 Revally Sri Bhavani 7673990940
12 Srirangapur Alumula Raju 9550602463
13 Wanaparthy Gurakonda Sudharshan 9440656797
14 Weepangandla Srinivas Rao 7207130130

Panchayat Secretaries mobile numbers – Wanaparthy District:

Sl.No Mandal Name Panchayat Name Nature of Posting Employee Name Mobile Number Current Designation
1 Amarachintha Chandragad Regular Sri B.Saritha 9705864483 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
2 Amarachintha Chandranaik Thanda Regular Sri G Karunakar Reddy 9010132564 Junior Panchayat Secretary
3 Amarachintha Chinthareddypally Regular Sri Soujanya 6281184412 Junior Panchayat Secretary
4 Amarachintha Dharmapur Regular Sayyad Rajeeq 9010280108 Junior Panchayat Secretary
5 Amarachintha Erladinne Regular Kavali Venkatapathi Raju 9502494260 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
6 Amarachintha Kankanvanipalle Regular Pendyala Pradeepkumar 7989240699 Junior Panchayat Secretary
7 Amarachintha Kistampally Regular Pallepaga Dasu 9701850744 Junior Panchayat Secretary
8 Amarachintha Mastipur Regular Madam Ravi Kumar 8309510551 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
9 Amarachintha Mittanandimalla Regular Sri P.Parushuramulu 9059569891 Junior Panchayat Secretary
10 Amarachintha Nagalkadumur Regular Animoni Shivarani 9347453416 Junior Panchayat Secretary
11 Amarachintha Nandimalla Regular Sri C.Rmanjaneyulu 9160933493 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
12 Amarachintha Nandimalla X Roads Regular Abdul Javeed 9676760385 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
13 Amarachintha Pamireddipalle Regular Srinivasulu J 9848389750 Junior Panchayat Secretary
14 Amarachintha Singampeta Regular Sandhyarani J 9948426810 Junior Panchayat Secretary
15 Atmakur Arepalle Regular Lagusani Manohar Goud 9652202204 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
16 Atmakur Balakistapur Regular Mahamud Mahabubkhan 9652978748 Junior Panchayat Secretary
17 Atmakur Devarapalle Regular Sri K. Shankar 8096502260 Junior Panchayat Secretary
18 Atmakur Guntipalle Regular Arumala Suchitra 8008350185 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
19 Atmakur Jurial Regular Thagaram Raviprakash 9573314115 Junior Panchayat Secretary
20 Atmakur Kathepalle Regular Nasreen Begum 8500169266 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
21 Atmakur Medepalle Regular Smt K Shireesha 9059282797 Junior Panchayat Secretary
22 Atmakur Motlampalle Regular Pakir Sharfuddin 9502913105 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
23 Atmakur Mulmalla Regular Sanja Yashoda 9948317534 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
24 Atmakur Pinamcherla Regular Bevini Murali 9951081559 Junior Panchayat Secretary
25 Atmakur Rechintala Regular Sri Manyam 9618626307 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
26 Atmakur Thippadampalle Regular Bodi Nagaraju 7416737498 Junior Panchayat Secretary
27 Atmakur Thoompalle Regular Sri K Vishnu 9494017545 Junior Panchayat Secretary
28 Chinnambavi Ammaipally Regular Singireddi Suresh Kumar 9885019211 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
29 Chinnambavi Ayyawari Pally Regular Sri B Naveen Kumar 9912557593 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
30 Chinnambavi Bekkem Regular Mohammad Khaleed 9603415197 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
31 Chinnambavi Chellepad Regular Smt G Swapna 7095801549 Junior Panchayat Secretary
32 Chinnambavi Chinnamaroor Regular Sri N. Parvathi 9985984516 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
33 Chinnambavi Chinnambavi Regular Palem Vasantha Kumari 9908096690 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
34 Chinnambavi Dagadapally Regular Nellikonda Venkateswar Goud 9885515454 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
35 Chinnambavi Gaddabaswapur Regular Geereddy Ramesh Reddy 9492579218 Junior Panchayat Secretary
36 Chinnambavi Gudem Regular Sri M Suresh Kumar Reddy 9985392858 Junior Panchayat Secretary
37 Chinnambavi Kaloor Regular Sri K Veeresh Kumar 8297732773 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
38 Chinnambavi Koppunoor Regular Rodda Ramesh 8142917316 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
39 Chinnambavi Laxmipally Regular Sri M Srikanth 9704430161 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
40 Chinnambavi Miyapoor Regular Sri Chandrashekar K 6300094945 Junior Panchayat Secretary
41 Chinnambavi Pedda Maroor Regular Sri B. Srinivasulu 9966805253 Junior Panchayat Secretary
42 Chinnambavi Peddadagada Regular Sri M Saikrishna 8143280800 Junior Panchayat Secretary
43 Chinnambavi Velgonda Regular Rachuri Rajababu 9963634699 Junior Panchayat Secretary
44 Chinnambavi Veltoor Regular Sri P.Sravanthi 8341354756 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
45 Ghanpur Agaram Regular T Kavitha 8297116617 Junior Panchayat Secretary
46 Ghanpur Almaipally Regular Veerapaga Omeswari 9949808146 Junior Panchayat Secretary
47 Ghanpur Amudam Banda Thanda Regular P J Shantha Kumar 9603388624 Junior Panchayat Secretary
48 Ghanpur Anthaipally Regular Sri M Maddiletti 9100180056 Junior Panchayat Secretary
49 Ghanpur Appareddipally Regular Dudekela Khaderbee 9705106374 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
50 Ghanpur Donthikunta Thanda Incharge S Raghavendra 9603843268 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
Regular Chinthakunta Supraja is on maternity leave  7093778779 Junior Panchayat Secretary
51 Ghanpur Eerla Thanda Regular MD Liyakhath 8464008170 Junior Panchayat Secretary
52 Ghanpur Gattukadipally Regular Ambothu Manasa 9014487308 Junior Panchayat Secretary
53 Ghanpur Ghanpur Regular GL Raviteja Reddy 9705989899 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
54 Ghanpur Kamaluddinpur Regular Sri V Chennaiah 9652912193 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
55 Ghanpur Karne Thanda Regular Gandham Shyamily 7032343404 Junior Panchayat Secretary
56 Ghanpur Kothula Kunta Thanda Regular Barla Sheerisha 6380281720 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
57 Ghanpur Malkamiyanpally Regular Sri Md Missubavuddin 7989374418 Junior Panchayat Secretary
58 Ghanpur Malkapur Regular D Venkataswamy 9100659570 Junior Panchayat Secretary
59 Ghanpur Mamidimada Regular Sri A Naveen Kumar Reddy 7799442239 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
60 Ghanpur Manajipet Regular Saralamma Saralamma 7799128699 Junior Panchayat Secretary
61 Ghanpur Parvathapur Regular Gokari Nagamma 7816084760 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
62 Ghanpur Road Meedi Thanda Regular K Suchithra 9985826960 Junior Panchayat Secretary
63 Ghanpur Rukkannapally Regular Sri R.Rajeshwari 9701218620 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
64 Ghanpur Salkalapur Regular M Swapna 9908839837 Junior Panchayat Secretary
65 Ghanpur Shapur Regular Sri Srinivasulu B 9553025755 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
66 Ghanpur Solipur Regular S Raghavendra 9603843268 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
67 Ghanpur Suraipally Regular M Bhagya Rani 6300957673 Junior Panchayat Secretary
68 Ghanpur Thirumalaipally Regular M Venkatesh 9666555280 Junior Panchayat Secretary
69 Ghanpur Upperpally Regular Sri D Sharath Chandra 9533528300 Junior Panchayat Secretary
70 Ghanpur Veniki Thanda Regular Gudise Masamma 8179436212 Junior Panchayat Secretary
71 Ghanpur Venkatampally Incharge M Venkatesh 9666555280 Junior Panchayat Secretary
72 Gopalpeta Amudalakunta Thanda Regular Sri E Eshwaramma 7386132768 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
73 Gopalpeta Ananthapur Regular Nachanalli Mahesh 9652772246 Junior Panchayat Secretary
74 Gopalpeta Buddaram Regular Papaiahgari Ramesh Naidu 9701462805 Panchayat Secretary Grade I
75 Gopalpeta Chakalapally Regular Boyini Srinivasulu 7780491877 Junior Panchayat Secretary
76 Gopalpeta Chennur Regular Jannampally Nagabhushanam 9640607678 Junior Panchayat Secretary
77 Gopalpeta Gopalpet Regular Pentlavelly Balaraju 9985296724 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
78 Gopalpeta Jainthirmalapur Regular Mudavath Venkatesh 9959381405 Junior Panchayat Secretary
79 Gopalpeta Karnamaiah Kunta Thanda Regular Sri J.Praddep Kumar 8790602517 Junior Panchayat Secretary
80 Gopalpeta Laxmi Thanda Regular Rekulapadu Srikanth 9573636728 Junior Panchayat Secretary
81 Gopalpeta Munnanoor Regular Sri N Ramakrishna 9966046603 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
82 Gopalpeta Patigadda Thanda Regular Sri S.Ramesh 9381403284 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
83 Gopalpeta Polkepad Regular Thumu Janaki 6301758410 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
84 Gopalpeta Tadiparthy Regular Kunapuli Soujanya 9182480453 Junior Panchayat Secretary
85 Gopalpeta Yedula Regular Shaik Khaja 9014135529 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
86 Gopalpeta Yedutla Regular Mohammed Abdul Sadat Ali 8074898251 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
87 Kothakota Amdabakula Regular Gundrathi Venkateshgoud 9848505646 Junior Panchayat Secretary
88 Kothakota Apparala Regular Battula Prashanth 9703468926 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
89 Kothakota Bhoothpur Regular Dhanavath Ravi Kumar 9100704363 Junior Panchayat Secretary
90 Kothakota Cherlapally Regular Kotla Hari Ram Sagar 9441741884 Panchayat Secretary Grade I
91 Kothakota Kanaipally Regular Bandaru Sandeep Goud 8143713233 Junior Panchayat Secretary
92 Kothakota Kanimetta Regular Sri A Nagaraju 9912673839 Panchayat Secretary Grade I
93 Kothakota Mirasipally Regular Shaik Mahamood Ali 9985730909 Panchayat Secretary Grade II
94 Kothakota Mummallapally Regular Neeruganti Madhusudan Goud 9666120201 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
95 Kothakota Nacharampeta Regular Md Sayeed Ali 9885837616 Junior Panchayat Secretary
96 Kothakota Natavelli Regular Pothula Pavitra 9885599971 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
97 Kothakota Natavelly Pedda Thanda Regular Suryampally Ramesh 9491903571 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
98 Kothakota Nirven Regular Kothakapu Umamaheshwar Reddy 8008408574 Junior Panchayat Secretary
99 Kothakota Palem Regular Chityala Naresh 9182129737 Junior Panchayat Secretary
100 Kothakota Pamapur Regular Mavillapally Alivelamma 9949984799 Junior Panchayat Secretary
101 Kothakota Ramakrishnapur Regular Sri T Jaipal Reddy 9182589663 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
102 Kothakota Ramanthapur Regular Sri E.Srinivash Reddy 9603524210 Junior Panchayat Secretary
103 Kothakota Rayanpet Regular Munta Nagaraju 7013916565 Junior Panchayat Secretary
104 Kothakota Sankireddipally Incharge Kontham Raviprakash Reddy 9493413509 Junior Panchayat Secretary
105 Kothakota Satyahally Regular Mahammad Amjath 9703232971 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
106 Kothakota Waddewata Regular Sri Maruthi 9542545335 Junior Panchayat Secretary
107 Kothakota Wiliam Konda Regular Beeram Naresh Kumar 9703335658 Junior Panchayat Secretary
108 Kothakota Yedulabai Thanda Regular Kontham Raviprakash Reddy 9493413509 Junior Panchayat Secretary
109 Madanapur Ajjakole Regular Estarla Maria Ravi Kumar 8317627076 Panchayat Secretary Grade II
110 Madanapur Bhavsing Thanda Regular Sandya Rajesh 9912745488 Junior Panchayat Secretary
111 Madanapur Danthanur Regular Pabba Vikram Goud 9393039495 Panchayat Secretary Grade II
112 Madanapur Duppalle Regular Pendam Ramcharan 9010456221 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
113 Madanapur Dwarakanagar Regular Mandadi Sriramulu 9866825438 Junior Panchayat Secretary
114 Madanapur Gopanpet Regular Sri G Vamshidhar Reddy 9505644288 Junior Panchayat Secretary
115 Madanapur Govindahally Regular Vulupala Bhargavi 9603003112 Junior Panchayat Secretary
116 Madanapur Karvena Regular Golla Srilikhitha 9059845066 Junior Panchayat Secretary
117 Madanapur Konnur Regular Rajakumari P.Rithwika 9494019949 Junior Panchayat Secretary
118 Madanapur Konnur Pedda Thanda Regular Panuganti Aruna 9581808672 Junior Panchayat Secretary
119 Madanapur Kothapally Regular Ghanapuram Ravi 8885461030 Junior Panchayat Secretary
120 Madanapur Madanapur Regular Sanganamoni Ranga Swamy 9959572419 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
121 Madanapur Narsingapur Regular Yerra Mahendar 9951033094 Junior Panchayat Secretary
122 Madanapur Nelividi Regular Amula Bhanu Prakash 9985892230 Junior Panchayat Secretary
123 Madanapur Ramanpahad Regular Kareddy Shireesha 9494616130 Junior Panchayat Secretary
124 Madanapur Shankarampeta Regular Garivi Laxminarayana 9533686695 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
125 Madanapur Thirumalaipally Regular Sri Sai Kumar K 8019766684 Junior Panchayat Secretary
126 Pangal Annaram Regular Patimini Anjaneyulu 9701623874 Junior Panchayat Secretary
127 Pangal Annaram Thanda Regular Kethavath Bojya Naik Bojya Naik 8790018532 Junior Panchayat Secretary
128 Pangal Bahadur Gudem Regular Sri B.Haritha 9381408459 Junior Panchayat Secretary
129 Pangal Bandapally Regular Kanamoni Nagamani 9848394181 Junior Panchayat Secretary
130 Pangal Busireddypally Regular Jakkula Uma 8096165017 Junior Panchayat Secretary
131 Pangal Chikkepally Regular Sri N Raghavendar 7702526254 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
132 Pangal Chinthakunta Regular Manapad Rajesh 9398245362 Junior Panchayat Secretary
133 Pangal Davajipally Regular Kethavath Vijaya Latha 6305427658 Junior Panchayat Secretary
134 Pangal Dawoodkhanpally Regular Burra Madhulatha 9550851416 Junior Panchayat Secretary
135 Pangal Dondaipally Regular Busireddy Pradeep Kumar Reddy 9573829592 Junior Panchayat Secretary
136 Pangal Goplapur Regular Punugu Swathi 6305075261 Junior Panchayat Secretary
137 Pangal Jammapoor Regular Gunti Jayaramulu 8374347743 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
138 Pangal Kadirepad Regular Sri E Divya Rani 9966568462 Junior Panchayat Secretary
139 Pangal Kethepally Regular Jahangeer Md 9642743903 Junior Panchayat Secretary
140 Pangal Kistapur Thanda Regular Sri C.Naresh 9398955141 Junior Panchayat Secretary
141 Pangal Kothapet Regular Mudavath Neelamma 8374391293 Junior Panchayat Secretary
142 Pangal Madhavaraopally Regular Airpula Sreeramulu 8074201964 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
143 Pangal Mallaipally Regular Sri A Nagaraju 8142072367 Junior Panchayat Secretary
144 Pangal Mohammadapur Regular Sri C Akshay Kumar 7794037457 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
145 Pangal Nizamabad Regular Sri P Ramesh 9666019447 Junior Panchayat Secretary
146 Pangal Pangal Regular Munta Raghu 8919028855 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
147 Pangal Rayanpally Regular Sanganamoni Ravi 9618027278 Junior Panchayat Secretary
148 Pangal Remuddula Regular Siddi Sahadevudu 9618589581 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
149 Pangal Shakapoor Regular Badhagouni Maheshwar Goud 7702597701 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
150 Pangal Shakhapur Thanda Regular Rangamoni Parusharamulu 9000881502 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
151 Pangal Tellarallapally Regular Pagadala Nuthan 9700207000 Junior Panchayat Secretary
152 Pangal Tellarallapally Thanda Regular Sri A. Narmada 8465904409 Junior Panchayat Secretary
153 Pangal Vengalaipally Regular Kanduri Vishnuvardhan 9398981223 Junior Panchayat Secretary
154 Pebbair Ayyavaripally Regular Kasireddy Renuka 9989587041 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
155 Pebbair Buniyadpur Regular Dharmakari Rajeshwar Ji 7396728306 Junior Panchayat Secretary
156 Pebbair Burdipad Regular Negrela Uma Devi 9989253181 Junior Panchayat Secretary
157 Pebbair Erladinne Regular Palusa Shyam Sunder Goud 7893868578 Junior Panchayat Secretary
158 Pebbair Gummadam Regular Madam Balaraju 9000640690 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
159 Pebbair Gummadam Thanda Incharge Mandapuram Lokesh 8686453187 Junior Panchayat Secretary
160 Pebbair Janumpally Regular Amarachintha Nagaraju 9398141354 Junior Panchayat Secretary
161 Pebbair Kanchiraopally Regular Sevva Mallaiah 9640429387 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
162 Pebbair Kanchiraopally Thanda Regular Aleti Rupa 8096627374 Junior Panchayat Secretary
163 Pebbair Kotha Sugur Regular Madugani Yadagiri 9966483717 Junior Panchayat Secretary
164 Pebbair Pathapally Regular Sri Bt Bhaskar 9848904653 Junior Panchayat Secretary
165 Pebbair Penchikalpad Regular Madugani Anjaneyulu 9666814811 Junior Panchayat Secretary
166 Pebbair Ramammapeta Regular Raju Pyarsani 9908223279 Junior Panchayat Secretary
167 Pebbair Rampur Regular Arupula Vinesh Kumar 7013086259 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
168 Pebbair Rangapoor Regular Yeddula Rakesh 9676230787 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
169 Pebbair Shakapoor (Y) Regular Konda Shekar Reddy 9682312594 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
170 Pebbair Sugur Regular Veltoori Prashanthi 8639131085 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
171 Pebbair Thippaipally Regular Parumala Gopal Reddy 9951430533 Junior Panchayat Secretary
172 Pebbair Thomalapally Regular Sri M Bhaskar 6281764296 Junior Panchayat Secretary
173 Pebbair Yaparla Regular Mandapuram Lokesh 8686453187 Junior Panchayat Secretary
174 Peddamandadi Alwal Regular Maddi Uday Kumar 8328381815 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
175 Peddamandadi Ammapally Regular Ishrath Ishrath Begum 9059564456 Junior Panchayat Secretary
176 Peddamandadi Anakaipally Thanda Regular Katanamoni Venkateswar 8919538261 Junior Panchayat Secretary
177 Peddamandadi Balijapally Regular Thandu Harish Kumar Reddy 9533679544 Junior Panchayat Secretary
178 Peddamandadi Buggapally Thanda Regular Pushpa Kotla 8341973037 Junior Panchayat Secretary
179 Peddamandadi Cheekuru Chettu Thanda Regular Sri E Ravikumar 9866260663 Junior Panchayat Secretary
180 Peddamandadi Chilkatonipally Regular Boggu Parvathamma 7702542118 Junior Panchayat Secretary
181 Peddamandadi Chinnamandadi Regular Derangula Yadamma 9515905174 Junior Panchayat Secretary
182 Peddamandadi Dodaguntapally Regular Gopanpally Chandrababu Reddy 9553638278 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
183 Peddamandadi Gatlakhanapur Regular Pallepagu Mohan 6304556004 Junior Panchayat Secretary
184 Peddamandadi Jagathpally Regular Pabbala Venkatesh 8919294784 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
185 Peddamandadi Jangamaipally Regular Alpuri Deka Reddy 9704045610 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
186 Peddamandadi Maddigatla Regular Madduri Sateesh Kumar Reddy 9959859192 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
187 Peddamandadi Mangampally Regular Bandaru Srinivasulu Goud 9959580820 Junior Panchayat Secretary
188 Peddamandadi Manigilla Regular Rathlavath Krishna Nayak 8555944954 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
189 Peddamandadi Mojerla Regular M Praveen Kumar Reddy 9848511672 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
190 Peddamandadi Mundari Thanda Regular Kontemoni Mahesh 9502615053 Junior Panchayat Secretary
191 Peddamandadi Pamireddipally Regular Dasari Jayamma D 9154240890 Junior Panchayat Secretary
192 Peddamandadi Peddamandadi Regular Sri Sajeeda Begum 6303629938 Junior Panchayat Secretary
193 Peddamandadi School Thanda Regular Bolly Moni Cipporah 8367415083 Junior Panchayat Secretary
194 Peddamandadi Veeraipally Regular Nombi Manoj Kumar 7989755408 Junior Panchayat Secretary
195 Peddamandadi Veltoor Incharge Madduri Sateesh Kumar Reddy 9959859192 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
196 Revally Bandaraipakula Regular T Parusharamulu 9908567452 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
197 Revally Cheerkapally Regular Kamsali Shobha Rani 9010385345 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
198 Revally Chennaram Regular Kolle Balraju 9642191682 Junior Panchayat Secretary
199 Revally Gollapally Regular Sri Suresh 9705979707 Junior Panchayat Secretary
200 Revally Gouridevipally Regular Nanchari Chandra Shekar 9703208557 Junior Panchayat Secretary
201 Revally Keshampet Regular Kundena Sravan Kumar 9908216663 Junior Panchayat Secretary
202 Revally Konkalapally Regular Cirivilla Raju 9515754531 Junior Panchayat Secretary
203 Revally Nagapur Regular Rehana Sulthana 6302795227 Junior Panchayat Secretary
204 Revally Patha Thanda Regular Abdul Hakeem Md 7993437368 Junior Panchayat Secretary
205 Revally Revally Regular Sri C Krishna Kumar 8074055425 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
206 Revally Shanaipally Regular Sri B Shekar 9963694862 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
207 Revally Talpunur Regular Muthyala Venkatesh 8074231100 Junior Panchayat Secretary
208 Srirangapur Janampet Regular Mutha Karthik 9491264260 Junior Panchayat Secretary
209 Srirangapur Kambalapur Regular Rachuri Laxmi 6300930032 Junior Panchayat Secretary
210 Srirangapur Nagarala Regular Gundrathi Mani Goud 8019397273 Junior Panchayat Secretary
211 Srirangapur Nagasanipally Regular Sri G Jeevitha 6305505601 Junior Panchayat Secretary
212 Srirangapur Seripally Regular Sandha Nagaraju 9494079844 Junior Panchayat Secretary
213 Srirangapur Srirangapur Regular Munnur Nandakishore 7013291121 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
214 Srirangapur Thatipamula Regular Jogu Shiva Shankar 9182549203 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
215 Srirangapur Venkatapur Regular Polose Haritha 8247345203 Junior Panchayat Secretary
216 Wanaparthy Achuthapur Regular Sarangi Rathnamala 9705190610 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
217 Wanaparthy Anjanagiri Regular Sri B.Tulasi 9390200553 Junior Panchayat Secretary
218 Wanaparthy Ankoor Regular Madiraju Prudvi Krishna 9985070323 Junior Panchayat Secretary
219 Wanaparthy Appaipally Regular Maddileti 9505640476 Junior Panchayat Secretary
220 Wanaparthy Chandapur Regular Modala Radhamma 8885330964 Junior Panchayat Secretary
221 Wanaparthy Chimanguntapally Regular Yangangari Shankar Reddy 9494572094 Junior Panchayat Secretary
222 Wanaparthy Chityala Regular Bogini Husainaiah 9491377143 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
223 Wanaparthy Dattaipally Regular Kottam Mounika 9985899010 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
224 Wanaparthy Guntha Thanda Regular Kukatla Sravanthi 7981240201 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
225 Wanaparthy Kadukuntla Regular Nambi Chandra Shekar 8142730390 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
226 Wanaparthy Kandriya Thanda Incharge Vinoju Jyothi 9493623981 Junior Panchayat Secretary
227 Wanaparthy Keerya Thanda Regular Cheerla Ramesh 9885291480 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
228 Wanaparthy Khasimnagar Regular Vinoju Jyothi 9493623981 Junior Panchayat Secretary
229 Wanaparthy Kistagiri Regular Gerreddy Madakn Kumar 9885083443 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
230 Wanaparthy Mentapally Regular Kashipeta Ramakrishna 9550299533 Junior Panchayat Secretary
231 Wanaparthy Nachahally Regular Sri Yadamma 7569508708 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
232 Wanaparthy Nagamma Thanda Regular Gunaganti Kashanna 9542701731 Junior Panchayat Secretary
233 Wanaparthy Padamati Thanda Regular Gunna Shireesha 9666884548 Junior Panchayat Secretary
234 Wanaparthy Pedda Thanda D Regular Srirangapuram Aravind Kumar 9000079750 Junior Panchayat Secretary
235 Wanaparthy Pedda Thanda R Regular Suddula Raju 9573036140 Junior Panchayat Secretary
236 Wanaparthy Peddagudem Regular Bathula Mallikarjun 9989482932 Panchayat Secretary Grade IV
237 Wanaparthy Peddagudem Thanda Regular Aadi Ramchandraiah 9666286287 Panchayat Secretary Grade I
238 Wanaparthy Rajapet Regular Satani Swetha 9966533795 Junior Panchayat Secretary
239 Wanaparthy Savaigudem Regular Rathlavath Purna Chander 9705702251 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
240 Wanaparthy Thurupu Thanda Regular Dulla Susmitha 8247032802 Panchayat Secretary Grade III
241 Wanaparthy Venkatapur Regular Rachuri Karnakar 8686560353 Junior Panchayat Secretary
242 Weepangandla Bollaram Regular Sri B Ramakrushna 9059496154 Junior Panchayat Secretary
243 Weepangandla Gopaldinne Regular B Vikram Yadav 9494642001 Junior Panchayat Secretary
244 Weepangandla Govardhanagiri Regular Sri M M Raju Naik 9704307599 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
245 Weepangandla Kalwarala Regular Gunugu Kuramanna 8712288835 Junior Panchayat Secretary
246 Weepangandla Korlakunta Regular Dayyapu Ramudu 9705248352 Junior Panchayat Secretary
247 Weepangandla Nagarlabanda Thanda Regular Keshapaga Raja Shekar 9154195890 Junior Panchayat Secretary
248 Weepangandla Pulgercherla Regular Sri M Raghavendar Reddy 9010703010 Junior Panchayat Secretary
249 Weepangandla Rangavaram Regular Bangaru Balaseshu 6302480486 Junior Panchayat Secretary
250 Weepangandla Sampathraopally Regular Sri G Dargaiah 9849439319 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
251 Weepangandla Sanginenipally Regular Molakalapally Shyam Sundar 8897424592 Junior Panchayat Secretary
252 Weepangandla Thoomukunta Regular Sri Vaheed 8106284007 Outsourcing Panchayat Secretary
253 Weepangandla Vallabhapur Regular Smt N Jyothi 8688037677 Junior Panchayat Secretary
254 Weepangandla Vallabhapur Thanda Regular Srikanth Dasaraju 9492355245 Junior Panchayat Secretary
255 Weepangandla Weepanagandla Regular Naresh Goud N 9963221087 Junior Panchayat Secretary