In Wanaparthy District there are 14 Mandals and 255 Grama Panchayats  out of which (79) were newly formed Grama Panchayats.

Name of the Officer : Smt B. Rajeswari


1.Maintaining Sanitation in Villages

2.Measures for providing Drinking Water

3.Gram Panchayat Administration

4. Conduct of Gram Sabha & Gram Panchayat Meetings.

5. Birth & Death, Marriage Registrations

6. Construction permission.

7. Property tax Collections.



1. 14th Finance commission grants : These grants will be received  from Commissioner,Panchayat Raj Hyd to Gram Panchayats.

2. State Finance Commssion grants : These grants will be received  from Commissioner,Panchayat Raj Hyd to Grama          Panchayats

3. General Fund : This is Own revenue of Gram Panchayats which include seigniorage, Sand Taxes, House Tax, Property Tax, Auctions.

4. Stamp Duties  : These grants received from the Dist.  Registration Department to Gram Panchayats.



Every Gram Panchayat  constituted the following standing Committees

1.Standing Committee for Sanitation, Dumpyard andab burial ground :

2. Standing Committee for Street lights

3. Standing Committee for Plantation and Green cover improvement :

4. Standing Committee for works and shandies.


Special Initiatives:

1. 30 days action plan: As a part of 30 days action Plan a special drive has been conducted towards maintenance of Sanitation in which Bushes clearance, Old buildings dismental, Closing of open wells etc., has been done in Villages.

2. Harithaharam : As a part of Telanganaku Haritha haram  plantataion programme in Wanaparthy district  (2762734) plants have been planted in Avenue, block , Institutional and homestead plantation.

3. Compost Management : Measures are been taking towards compost management in villages by separating the dry and wet waste.

4. Plastic Collection – Village level collection : As a part of Plastic free Wanaparthy, plastic waste collection is going on in villages .

5. Door to Door collection of waste: By using Try cycles household waste is being collecting in door to collection.

6. Dry Day: Dry Day Programme is going on One day in a week i.e., “ Friday “

7. One GP one Nursery : Instructions has been issued for maintanence of nursery for every GP, Raising of seedlings for plantation in the next financial year.

8. Purchase of Tractor to each GP: Towards watering of plants planted under TKHH, Sanitation and other basic necessities of Gram Panchayat, one tractor to each GP is going to be purchased.

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Other Initiatives

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