Wanaparthy District was formed and operated from 10-10-2016 as per the State Govt. of Telangana orders. Wanaparthy district is located between 16° 36’ latitude and 78° 06’ longitude. The district consist of 1 ADA ® Division with 14 Mandals, 71 Clusters and 224 Villages. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in the district. About 75% of the total workers are engaged in agriculture. The main crops grown in the district are Paddy, Groundnut, Jowar, Maize, Red gram, Castor, Cotton and Chilies. The total area of 199464 Acres has been cultivated during Kharif 2018 and 124128 Acres has been cultivated during Rabi 2018-19 under different crops.


Major portion of the land is covered by Red sandy and Sandy loam Soils (89%) which have got characteristic feature of less water retentive capacity, and most of rain water goes as run off.

The district has got 3 types of soils viz:

  1. Red Sandy Soils 47 % (52859 Ha)
  2. Sandy loam Soils 42 % (47326 Ha)
  3. Black Cotton Soils 11 % (13475 Ha)


The district comes under Southern Telangana Zone.
Rainfall: Normal Rainfall of the district is 579.60 mm per Year.


Schemes & Activities in the Department of Agriculture, Wanaparthy District, TS :

Agriculture Department All Schemes.(PDF 195KB)

Agriculture Key Contacts Information:

Key Contacts of Agriculture department WANAPARTHY DISTRICT, TS.(PDF 45KB)