Brief Introduction:

Wanaparthy District was formed and operated from 10-10-2016 as per the State Govt. of Telangana orders. Wanaparthy district is located between 16° 36’ latitude and 78° 06’ longitude. The district consists of 1 ADA ® Division with 14 Mandals, 71 Clusters, and 224 Villages. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in the district. About 75% of the total workers are engaged in agriculture. The main crops grown in the district are Paddy, Groundnut, Jowar, Maize, Red gram, Castor, Cotton, and Chilies.  A total area of 250002 Acres has been cultivated during Vanakalam 2021 and 135409 Acres has been cultivated during Yasangi 2021-22 under different crops.

Soils: Major portion of the land is covered by Red sandy and Sandy loam Soils (89%) which have got the characteristic feature of less water retentive capacity, and most of the rainwater goes as runoff.

The district has got 3 types of soils viz.

  •                      Red Sandy Soils                         47 %   (52859 Ha)
  •                      Sandy loam Soils                       42 %   (47326 Ha)
  •                      Black Cotton Soils                     11 %   (13475 Ha)

Agro-Climatic Situation:

The district comes under Southern Telangana Zone:

Rainfall: Normal Rainfall of the district is 579.60 mm per Year.

Schemes & Activities in the Department of Agriculture, Wanaparthy District, TS.

1. Rythu Bandhu Scheme (AISS):

Telangana Government has proposed a new scheme for providing investment support to Agriculture and Horticulture crops by way of a grant @ Rs.5000/- per Acre per Farmer in each season (Kharif & Rabi) for the purchase of inputs like Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticides, towards Labour and other Investments in the field operations of farmers choice for the crop season.

2. Rythu Bhima (Farmers Group Life Insurance Scheme):

Telangana Government decided to implement the prestigious scheme of “Rythu Bandhu Group Life Insurance Scheme for Farmers” for the welfare of the farming community in the State. The main objective of the scheme is to provide immediate and adequate financial relief to bereaved family members/dependents of the farmer in case of his/her death due to any reason. The majority of the farmers are small and marginal farmers and farming is the sole source of livelihood to them. In the event of the death of the bread earner, the dependent family members will land in distress due to financial problems. The sum assured is Rs 5,00,000/- payable to the Nominee designated by the insured farmer.


Scheme Objective & Benefits:

With a view to providing income support to all landholding farmers’ families in the country, having cultivable land, the Central Government has implemented a Central Sector Scheme, namely, “Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN)”. The scheme aims to supplement the financial needs of all landholding farmers’ families in procuring various inputs to ensure proper crop health and appropriate yields, commensurate with the anticipated farm income as well as for domestic needs. Under the Scheme, an amount of Rs.6000/- per year (in 3 installments) is released by the Central Government online directly into the bank accounts of the eligible farmers under Direct Benefit Transfer mode, subject to certain exclusions.


The following categories of beneficiaries of higher economic status shall not be eligible for benefits under the scheme:

(a) All Institutional Land holders; and

(b) Farmer families in which one or more of its members belong to the following categories :

  •  Former and present holders of constitutional posts
  • Former and present Ministers / State Ministers and former/present Members of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / State Legislative Assemblies / State Legislative Councils, former and present Mayors of Municipal Corporations, former and present Chairpersons of District Panchayats.
  • All serving or retired officers and employees of Central / State Government Ministries / Offices / Departments and their field units, Central or State PSEs, and Attached offices / Autonomous Institutions under the Government as well as regular 3 employees of the Local Bodies (Excluding Multi Tasking Staff / Class IV / Group D employees)
  •  All superannuated/retired pensioners whose monthly pension is Rs.10,000/- or more (Excluding Multi Tasking Staff / Class IV / Group D employees)
  • All Persons who paid Income Tax in the last assessment year.
  • Professionals like Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, and Architects are registered with Professional bodies and carry out their profession by undertaking practices.
  • In case of new beneficiaries being uploaded on the PM-KISAN Portal, all land-holding farmers’ families who are Non-resident Indians (NRIs) in terms of the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 shall be excluded from any benefit under the Scheme.

4. Online Crop Booking:

The objective of this program is for the AEO of the cluster to register the area sown by the farmers in the online portal duly visiting each farmer field survey number-wise (both Agriculture and Horticulture crops). After registering the crop in the portal the farmer will get an SMS to their registered number for confirmation. At the time of marketing, the farmer will get sown certificate to sell their produce to the government agencies such as MARKFED, NAFED, CCI, etc based on the areas registered in the portal.  

5. Soil Health Card Scheme (SHC):

 “National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA) will be implemented during the 12th Plan with the following objectives 

  • To make agriculture more productive, sustainable, and climate resilient;
  • To conserve natural resources;
  • To adopt comprehensive soil health management practices
  • To optimize utilization of water resources; etc.

“Soil Health Management (SHM) is one of the most important interventions under NMSA, SHM aims at promoting Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) through judicious use of chemical fertilizers including secondary and micronutrients in conjunction with organic manures and bio-fertilizers for improving soil health and its productivity; strengthening of soil and fertilizer testing facilities to provide soil test based recommendations to farmers for improving soil fertility; ensuring quality control requirements of fertilizers, bio-fertilizers and organic fertilizers under Fertilizer Control Order, 1985; up gradation of skill and knowledge of soil testing laboratory staff, extension staff and farmers through training and demonstrations; promoting organic farming practices, etc.

6. Seed Village Programm:

The Seed Village Programme is one of the important components of the Sub Mission On Seed and Planting Material (SMSP) under the National Mission on Agriculture Extension & Technology (NMAET) being implemented by the Government of India. The Seed Village Programme ensures the supply of quality seeds of notified varieties to the farmers in time at their places at affordable prices besides ensuring quick multiplication of new seed varieties in a shorter time in that Mandal/district based on the crop situation.


The basic objectives of the Seed Village Programme are:

  1. To improve the quality of Farm saved Seeds.
  2. To increase the Seed Replacement Rate (SRR).
  3. To enhance the horizontal spread of high-yielding varieties among farmers for improving the productivity of crops.
  • Financial assistance @ 50% subsidy is available for the distribution of foundation/certified seeds of Cereals for 1 acre per farmer per crop each season.
  • Financial assistance @ 60% subsidy is available for the distribution of foundation/certified seeds of Pulses, Oil seeds, and Green manure seeds for 1 acre per farmer per crop each season.

7. Rainfed Area Development Scheme (RAD) under the national mission for sustainable agriculture:


Rainfed areas constitute about 3/4th of the land mass under arid, Semi-arid, Dry – humid zones. rainfed agriculture is a complex, diverse, and risk-prone activity. Activities proposed under RAD will act as a catalyst to accomplish the ultimate objective of enhanced productivity, minimizing the risk of crop losses due to uncertainties of weather conditions, Harnessing efficiency of resources, assuring foods and livelihood/income security at the farm level, and strengthening the farmers capacity to adapt to climatic changes.

The Broad objectives of the program are:

  • Increasing agricultural productivity of rain-fed areas in a sustainable manner by adopting appropriate farming system-based approaches.
  • To minimize the adverse impact of possible crop failure due to drought, flood, or uneven rainfall distribution through diversified and composite farming systems.
  • Restoration of confidence in rainfed agriculture by creating sustained employment opportunities through improved on-farm technologies and cultivation practices.
  • Enhancement of farmers’ income and livelihood support for deduction of poverty in rainfed areas.

8. National Food Security Mission (NFSM):

National Food Security Mission (NFSM) was launched in October 2007. The Mission is being continued during the 12th five-year plan with new targets of additional production of food grains.

In the Telangana State, the National Food security mission (NFSM) will have components

  • i) NFSM – Pulses
  • ii) NFSM Coarse cereals
  • iii) NFSM-Rice            
  • iv) NFSM-Nutri Cereals and   
  • v) NFSM- commercial crops.


  • Increasing production of rice, pulses, and coarse cereals through area expansion and productivity enhancement in a sustainable manner in the state.
  • Restoring Soil fertility and productivity at the individual farm level.
  • Enhancing farm-level economy to restore confidence among the farmers.

9. Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA):

The Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Scheme is in implementation in 7 States and 33 districts in Telangana with 60:40 central and state share.

Objectives of the Programme:

  • To Develop an efficient, effective, demand-driven, research-integrated, and financially sustainable public extension system.
  • To revitalize the Agricultural technology generation assessment refinement and Dissemination systems.
  • Reforming public Sector Extension, promoting the private sector to effectively complement, supplement, and whatever possible to substitute public extension.
  • Augmenting media and Information Technology support for the extension.
  • Mainstreaming Gender concerns in extension.
  • Capacity Building skill up-gradation of farmers and extension functionaries.
  • Increase the Quality and type of technologies being disseminated by the extension system.
  • Strengthen Research-Extension- farmer (REF) Linkages.


The following staff Phone numbers office of the Agriculture Department, Wanaparthy District, TS:



 Name of


Cadre Father Name Office MobileNo Mandal Name Present Office
1 Yennam Sudhakar Reddy DAO Y Anthony Reddy 7288894287   DAO Wanaparthy
2 Gudikati Sivanagi Reddy ADA(T) G Rami Reddy 7288894324   DAO Wanaparthy
3 Rayapati Satyam Babu ADA R Veerabhadra Rao 7288878431   ADA® Wanaparthy
4 Musini Ravi Kumar AO(T) Giddaiah 7288878434   DAO Wanaparthy
5 Rachamadugu Venkateshwarlu AO(T) Nagalaxmaiah 7288878435   DAO Wanaparthy
6 Mekala Hymavathi AO(T) A Kurumurthy 7288878436   DAO Wanaparthy
7 Jeripeti Kurmaiah AO Hussain 7288894325 WANAPARTHY WANAPARTHY
9 Borra Anil Kumar AO B Laxminaraiah 7288878437 REVALLY REVALLY
10 Godena Chandramouli AO Gangadharudu 7288894329 PEBBAIR PEBBAIR
11 Godena Chandramouli AO Gangadharudu 7288894329 SRIRANGAPUR SRIRANGAPUR
12 Anantha Dhakeshwer Goud AO Venkateshwar Goud 7288878438 CHINNAMBAVI CHINNAMBAVI
13 Anantha Dhakeshwer Goud AO Venkateshwar Goud 7288878438 WEEPANAGANDLA WEEPANAGANDLA
14 Shaik Munna AO Shaik Masthan Vali 7288894323 MADANAPUR MADANAPUR
15 Shaik Munna AO Shaik Masthan Vali 7288894323 KOTHAKOTA KOTHAKOTA
16 Mohd Sajeed Ur Rahman AO Abdul Rahman 7288894356 PANGAL PANGAL
17 Katari Sameera AO Kpandu Raqnga Rao 7288894327 GOPALPET GOPALPET
18 Dharavath Santhoshi AO D Panthulu Naik 7288894326 PEDDAMANDADI PEDDAMANDADI
19 Dharavath Santhoshi AO D Panthulu Naik 7288894326 GHANPUR GHANPUR
20 Owk Vinay Kumar AO Rajaratnam 7288894343 AMARCHINTHA AMARCHINTHA
21 Owk Vinay Kumar AO Rajaratnam 7288894343 ATMAKUR ATMAKUR
22 Mohammed Ajaz Baba AEO Md Maqbool 9121288580 AMARCHINTHA NAGALKADUMUR
23 Gattu Mallesh AEO Narayana 9121288581 AMARCHINTHA NANDIMALLA
24 Bhavani Rajesh AEO Srinivasulu 9121288564 AMARCHINTHA AMARCHINTA
25 Sandu Janaki AEO S Masanna 9121288580 AMARCHINTHA NAGALKADUMUR
26 Kavali Maheshwari AEO Venkatanna 8639111956 ATMAKUR ATMAKUR
27 Kanchani Shiva Kumar AEO Venkatanna 7013189769 ATMAKUR JURIAL
28 Nasulai Sindhuja AEO Anantha Kumar 9121288560 ATMAKUR AREPALLE
29 Vattem Anjanamma AEO Kurumaiah 9121288589 CHINNAMBAVI VELGONDA
30 Gounikadi Madhavi AEO D Mallesh Yadav 9912726215 CHINNAMBAVI BEKKAM
31 Rathlavath Narya Naik AEO Lokya Naik 9121288583 CHINNAMBAVI PEDDAMARUR
32 Shanamoni Rajitha AEO Maddileti 9121288582 CHINNAMBAVI AYYAVARIPALLE
33 Dodla Sai Reddy AEO Gopal Reddy 9121288584 CHINNAMBAVI PEDDA DAGADA
34 Katikala Sowjanya AEO Balaswamy 9121288595 CHINNAMBAVI VELLATUR
35 Bogyam Yugandhar AEO Narasimha 9121288590 CHINNAMBAVI KOPPUNUR
36 Sirisala Balaraju AEO Ramachandraiah 9121288665 GHANPUR MAMIDIMADA
37 Satla Mahesh AEO Ramaswamy 9121288664 GHANPUR PARWATHAPUR
38 Vuppala Pandu Kumar AEO Devaiah 9000439951 GHANPUR GHANPUR
39 Amgoth Ramesh Naik AEO A Hanumanthu Naik 9121288662 GHANPUR MANAJIPET
40 Dasari Shankaramma AEO D Hanmanth 9121288661 GHANPUR APPAREDDIPALLE
41 Pothu Srikanth AEO Srinivasulu 9121288660 GHANPUR SOLIPUR
42 Kethavath Vamshikrishna AEO Devla 9121288663 GHANPUR KAMALUDDINPUR
43 Gaggutur Lokeshwari AEO Nagendrappa 9121288672 GOPALPET POLKEPAHAD
44 Chapala Mohitha Reddy AEO Venkat Reddy 9121288671 GOPALPET YEDULA
45 Jetty Nagaraju AEO Buchanna 9121288667 GOPALPET GOPALPETA
46 Muntha Pavan Kumar Yadav AEO Narasimha 9121288669 GOPALPET BUDDHARAM
47 Gunaganti Pawan Kalyan AEO Nageshwar 9121288668 GOPALPET YEDUTLA
48 Medamoni Venkatesh AEO Ramulu 9121288670 GOPALPET MUNNANUR
49 Jangidi Jithendar Yadav AEO Suresh 9121288495 KOTHAKOTA PAMAPUR
50 Bojja Nanda Kishore Reddy AEO Pulla Reddy 9561866979 KOTHAKOTA PALEM
51 Sudireddy Ravinder Reddy AEO Balram 9121288491 KOTHAKOTA KOTHAKOTA
52 Deshi Shireesha AEO Mogilanna 9121288751 KOTHAKOTA KANIMETTA
53 Bondala Srinivas AEO Kondaiah 9121288494 KOTHAKOTA APPARALA
54 Malegoundla Anitha AEO Raman Goud 9121288498 MADANAPUR AJJAKOLLU
55 Sandepaga Spandana AEO Jayashekhar 9121288497 MADANAPUR KONNUR
56 Korupala Swathi AEO Venkta Swamy 9121288496 MADANAPUR MADANAPUR
57 Putta Lingaswamy AEO Krishnaiah 9121288597 PANGAL PANGAL
58 Telugu Maheshwari AEO Yeranna 9121288599 PANGAL REMADDULA
59 Aadhi Naresh AEO Rathnaiah 9121288598 PANGAL MAHAMMADAPUR
60 Danamgari Naresh Kumar AEO D  Kondaiah 9121288650 PANGAL KETHEPALLE
61 Manda Shailaja AEO Pentaiah 9121288651 PANGAL MALLAIPALLE
62 Nilisetty Abhilash AEO Ravindra Prasad 9121288752 PEBBAIR PEBBAIR
63 Mutta Akhila AEO M Niranjan 9121288683 PEBBAIR GUMMADAM
64 Badugula Anjaneyulu AEO Balakistanna 9121288681 PEBBAIR SHAKHAPUR
65 Akki Bindu AEO Naganna Goud 9121288679 PEBBAIR SUGUR
66 Valluri Naresh AEO Munna Swamy 9121288680 PEBBAIR PENCHIKALPADU
67 Muntha Pushpalatha AEO Thirupathaiah 9121288682 PEBBAIR RANGAPUR
68 Lankala Chenna Raidu AEO Linganna 9121288691 PEDDAMANDADI MOJERLA
69 Malipeddi Jayaprakash AEO Chennaiah 9121288689 PEDDAMANDADI MANIGILLA
70 Govula Krishnaiah AEO Bichanna 9121288686 PEDDAMANDADI PEDDAMANDADI
71 Sura Madhumohan AEO Janaki Ramulu 9121288692 PEDDAMANDADI PAMIREDDIPALLE
72 Duggi Rajani AEO Mallesh 9121288690 PEDDAMANDADI BALIJAPALLE
73 Bandari Vinodh Kumar AEO Pentaiah 9121288687 PEDDAMANDADI VELTOOR
74 Mandla Archana AEO Venkata Swamy 9121288677 REVALLY THALPUNUR
75 Mohammed Abdul Feroz AEO Samad 9121288676 REVALLY CHENNERAM
76 Dagouni Sneha AEO T Kartik Goud 9121288673 REVALLY REVALLY
77 Jaini Sruthy AEO J Vishnumurthy 9121288675 REVALLY NAGAPUR
78 Dodla Anusha AEO Bhaskar Reddy 9121288685 SRIRANGAPUR VENKATAPUR
79 Gundela Srinivasulu AEO Nagaiah 9121288596 SRIRANGAPUR SRIRANGAPUR
80 Vanguru Yugandhar Yadav AEO Thirupathaiah 9121288684 SRIRANGAPUR KAMBALLAPUR
81 Katika Anuvalya AEO Kishanji 9121288699 WANAPARTHY CHITYALA
82 Govindu Kavitha AEO Venkata Narayana 9121288695 WANAPARTHY PEDDAGUDEM
83 Kalighat Prabhavathi AEO Ramchandraiah 9121288694 WANAPARTHY WANAPARTHY
84 Govindu Sunil Kumar AEO Yadagiri 9121288696 WANAPARTHY SAVAIGUDEM
85 Maskuri Suresh AEO Srinivasulu 9121288698 WANAPARTHY CHANDAPUR
86 Kethuri Surya Teja AEO Venkatramulu 9121288697 WANAPARTHY KHASIMNAGAR
87 Bussa Vamshi AEO Sudhakar 9121288750 WANAPARTHY CHIMANGUNTAPALLE
88 Kethuri Balaraju AEO Bheemaiah 9121288657 WEEPANAGANDLA KALVARALA
89 Sudurla Manasa AEO S Kashaiah 9121288653 WEEPANAGANDLA TOOMKUNTA
90 Vallupureddy Mohan Kumar Reddy AEO Harichandra Reddy 9121288658 WEEPANAGANDLA SANGINEPALLE
91 Vupparapally Rajitha AEO V Madhava Reddy 9121288656 WEEPANAGANDLA VEEPANGANDLA
92 Avula Shiva AEO Anjaneyulu 9121288652 WEEPANAGANDLA GOPALDINNE
93 Dyavarla Vijay Goud AEO Balapeer Goud 9121288655 WEEPANAGANDLA BOLLARAM