Mission Bhagiratha is declared as Flagship programme by Government of Telangana. The main objective of Mission Bhagiratha is to minimise the usage of ground water and to utilize surface water and to provide safe drinking water to people of rural areas @ 100 lpcd and urban areas @ 135 lpcd from sustainable surface water sources.

Under Mission Bhagiratha, Wanaparthy district is being covered through three sub-segments as detailed below.

  • Wanaparthy Sub-Segment
  • Balakistapur Sub-Segment
  • Kollapur Sub-Segment

All Habitations of the District (393) were covered under Bulk Supply.

For Main Grid Rs.316.00Cr was sanctioned out of which Rs.175.32Cr expenditure is incurred.

For Intra Grid Rs.205.46.00Cr was sanctioned out of which Rs.112.40Cr expenditure is incurred.

Name of the Officer: T Megha Reddy, Executive Engineer, (Intra & Grid)Division, Wanaparthy.

Main Grid and Intra Village Details