There are (13) Primary weavers Coop. Societies registered in the Wanaparthy District (Cotton/Wool/Garment/ Powerlooms / Tailors) and the break up of the societies are as under:

Details of Weavers Co-op. Societies Registered
SI. No Category of Societies No. of Societies Working No. of Societies Dormant Total
1 Handloom Weavers Co-op. Societies 2 2 4
2 Wool Industrial Co-op. Societies 3 2 5
3 Garment Co-op. Societies 1 1
4 Tailors Co-op. Societies 3 3
  TOTAL 5 8 13

Survey of looms: As per the Survey of Handlooms conducted by the KARVY Institution, 339 geo tagged looms are available in the Dist. In the district, the following Developmental and Welfare schemes are being implemented by the Department of Handlooms & Textiles and the progress is as under.


1) Cash Credit:

(1)Society ie. WICS. Veltoor has been sanctioned Cash Credit for Rs.94.00 lakhs for the year 2018-19. The proposals for 2019-20 is being submitted to the DCCB ltd., Mahabubnagar, with due approval of the District Collector, wanaparthy.

2) Pradhanmanthri Mudra Yojana Scheme:

The Hon’ble Prime Minister has launched the Pradhanmanthri Mudra Yojana Scheme on 07-08-2016. The Scheme will be implemented by conduct of Awareness Programme to benefit under the scheme.

3) Pavalavaddi Scheme:

Under the Scheme, the Director of Handlooms and Textiles,AEPs,TS,Hyderabad has sanctioned an amount of Rs.10,24,430/- to the Wool Industrial Co.op. Society Ltd., Veltoor (V),Peddamandadi (M),Wanaparthy District  for the quarters from 31.03.17 to 31.12.17, the same amount released to the said Society to credited into cash credit limit account. .  And the proposals for the year 2018-19 have been  submitted to the Director of Handlooms and Textiles, & AEPs., Telangana, Hyderabad with due approval of the District Collector, Wanaparthy.

4) National Handloom Development Scheme:

  • Under the scheme, (2) Block Level Cluster proposals have been submitted to Government. The Government has sanctioned only (1) Block Level Handloom Cluster i.e., Veltoor (V), Peddamandadi(M) with a total project cost of Rs.104.60 lakhs to benefit (235) weaver members. The Government of India have sanctioned & released an amount of Rs.31.85 lakhs towards 1st installment through RTGS and released an amount of Rs. 20.27 Lakhs towards conduct of trainings in weaving, Designing and Dyeing and purchase of looms under skill up-gradation, Technology upgradation ,for ( 106) weavers.
  • Another Cluster i.e. Amarchintha Block Level Cluster has prepared with an amount of Rs.146.90 Lakhs consisting of (209) handloom weavers of Amarchintha and Thippadampally villages is under submission of file to the Dist.Collector,Wanaparthy for approval .

5)   Newly Introduced TSTFSSS Scheme(Telangana State Thirt Fund  Savings-Cum-Security Scheme) :

Under the scheme, in the Dist. so far ( 473 ) weavers/ancillary weavers have been enrolled as per their Geo-tagging of looms and sanctioned / released/credited an amount of Rs.74.21 lakhs as states share upto August, 2019 as 16% of their wages against their savings deposited i.e. 8% of weavers.

6) Loan waiver scheme for Handloom Weavers:

The Government of Telangana has sanctioned and released an amount of Rs.1,37,36,159/- in respect of (424) individual handloom weavers to the Wanaparthy District, the same amount has been released and transferred to concerned (09) Bank branches for waive off of individual loans with due approval of the Dist.Collector, Wanaparthy.

7) 40% Input Subsidy  Linked Wage compensation(Chenetha Mithra):

Under the scheme, (10) Master Weavers applications have been  registered for get 40% input subsidy on purchase of Raw material i.e. Silk/Cotton/Wool yarn, dyes and chemicals and (12 ) Master weaver Groups subsidy claims have been   Approved for sanction of Rs.3,59,200/- by HOD to get benefited to the Master weaver ,main weaver ,ancillary workers proportionately .


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