Brief Introduction about the District Treasury Office,Wanaparthy:

The Treasuries and Accounts Department was created to ensure strict compliance of financial rules and procedures relating to all Government transactions. The Departmental functioning assumed much significance with the growing need for more financial control over the increasing Government transactions involving huge public expenditure.

Broadly speaking, the Department has two areas of operations, Viz., performing treasury functions through the well-knit Treasury System in the State and also ensuring proper Accounting of the Government financial transactions through the Treasuries.

The Treasuries and Accounts Department plays a prominent role in the Treasury Administration. This Department is the main linkage between the Finance Department and the District Treasuries in the State.

At present the Treasury Management of late has become much more demanding task, because expenditure commitments of Government are growing much faster than its revenue receipts, resulting in increased pressure on Government Finances, to the unprecedented levels. Treasury Officials at all levels are the vital links in the Government’s delivery systems, and their efficiency and competence would enhance the Government’s overall performance. While moving firmly in this direction, the department has sharpened and refined its functioning by improving its systems and procedures.

STO, Atmakur is functioning under the control of DTO Wanaparthy.

Functions of Treasuries: (Activities)

a) To exercise Treasury control over all departmental transactions
b) To make pension payment.
c) Maintenance of various deposit accounts..
d) To preserve valuables of Government departments under safe custody.
e) To render classified Accounts to the Accountant General, T.S. , Hyderabad.
f) Any of the miscellaneous items entrusted by Government relating to financial matters.
g) Introduction of Treasury Audit System
h) Maintenance of General Provident Fund Accounts of Class IV Employees
i) Forwarding the proposals for allotment of PRAN Accounts ,Uploading of CPS subscriptions and exit claims who were appointed Under New pension  scheme w.e.f 1-9-2004..
j) Allotment of unique (7) digit employee code to all state Govt employees the departmental in terms of  O.MS.No.80 Finance (IOC&IT) Dept 19-03-2008.

Official contact numbers and mail Ids of the Department