Wanaparthy, also referred to as Wanaparthi, is a town, situated in the Mahbubnagar District ofTelangana. It’s main feature is a palace situated in its centre. However, this palace has now been turned into Krishna Devaraya Polytechnic College.

Wanaparthy has religious significance due to the presence of the Venkateshwara Swami Temple in the heart of this town. This temple was started by well-known saint, Sri Pedha Jeeyar Swamiji. Wanaparthy, being a popular holiday destination itself, is also a gateway to many other well-known holiday destinations like Anantapur, Kurnool, Mahbubnagar and Raichur.

Anantapur is mainly known for its clock tower and the Lepakshi Temple, along with other places like Puttaparthi, Thimmamarri Manu, Venkateswara Swamy Temple and the Belum Caves.

Prime attractions at Kurnool include ruins of the Royal Fort, Kondareddy Buruz, Summer Palace of the Kurnool rulers and Shirdi Sai Baba Temple. Mahbubnagar’s main attractions include Pillalamari, Mannanur and Farahabad.

Raichur is known for attractions like Bichal, Deodurg, Devarbhupur, Devarsugur, Gabbur, Gandhal, Hutti, Kallur, Kavital, Korva and Jaladurga.