Brief Introduction

The  Ground Water Department is a multi disciplinary organization engaged in development and management of ground water resources. The Department has been declared as the nodal agency for all ground water related activities in the state.

Activities Of Ground Water Department

Ground Water Monitoring:

Monitoring of groundwater levels and water quality through a network of Piezometers are regularly monitored to know the changes in groundwater regime.

Ground Water Assessment(Ground Water Resource Estimation):

Estimation of groundwater resource at village level bi-annually with available data from concern Department.


1. Selection of Wells Sites :

The department takes up integrated hydro geological and Geophysical investigations for selection of well sites referred by various government organizations viz Scheduled castes Co-operative society, Scheduled Tribes Society and Non-Government organizations and individuals.

Department also taken up investigations as and when referred by Mandal Administration as per WALTA Act.

2. Artificial Recharge Structures – A.R.S :

In order to augment the depleting ground water resources, it is essential that the surplus monsoon runoff is conserved and recharged to augment ground water resources. The basic purpose of artificial recharge of ground water is to restore supplies from aquifers depleted due to excessive ground water development.

The groundwater Department is carrying out feasibility studies of various artificial recharge structure like Percolation tanks Check dams etc. referred by concerned executing agencies like Irrigation department, Panchayat Raj department etc.

Drilling of Exploratory:

Drilling of exploratory-cum production bore wells in Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribes lands to create irrigation potential under Special Component Sub Plan programme and Tribal Sub Plan programme.

Environmental Clearances:

Environmental clearance (a) Industries (Groundwater) (b) Impact of Sand mining on groundwater regime.

National Hydrology Project – N.H.P:


Ongoing Activities

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