SHE Teams

Date : 24/10/2014 - | Sector: POLICE

SHE Teams:

SHE TEAMS has been introduced in Telangana state with a motto to provide safety and security to women in Telangana and to make Hyderabad a SAFE AND SMART CITY.
  • Telangana Government is committed to safe and securing Hyderabad City for women
  • Zero tolerance policy towards women safety
  • 100 SHE TEAMS are working under the direct supervision of Smt. Shikha Goel IPS, Addl. Commissioner of Police, Crimes & SIT
  • Places and timings where eve-teasing is prominent are identified and plotted
  • These places are under surveillance of these teams
  • Stalkers are identified and brought to the CCS Police Station
  • Counseling is done along with stalker family members in the Police station
  • His activity sheet is prepared and kept in a central database and his activities are monitored on a daily basis
  • Legal action will be initiated as per provisions of Law
  • Stringent action will be initiated (Nirbhaya Act), if he comes to adverse notice again and again, repeatedly
  • Victims names and identities will be kept confidential
  • Dail 100 will be the helpline to lodge all complaints by the victims in this regard
  • SHE TEAMS that are already in the field will swing into action immediately after receiving the call in addition to acting on their own
  • Awareness programs will be conducted throughout Hyderabad City for women to come out openly and to inform also to men to know about the consequences of teasing or sexual harassment and stringent laws existing to protect women at open places, on transit, at workplaces
  • Appeal to public transport drivers and conductors, MMTS Trains, to either inform to dial 100 or take the vehicle to the nearest police station on information from women of teasing
        Keeping rising incidents of crime against women in mind, the Telangana government has constituted a seven-member committee to advise it on the measures to be taken for the safety and security of women and girls. The committee submitted its report with 77 recommendations. Forming SHE teams is one of them.
     The teams keep tabs on the eve-teasers and stalkers in crowded places. Initially set up in Hyderabad and Cyberabad police Commissionerates, they were expanded to all the Telangana districts.

Harassment of women in public places affects:

  • Psychology
  • Confidence
  • With drawl symptoms
  • Presence of women in open areas
  • Sense of insecurity in society
  • Restricts Women’s mobility


SHE teams work to prevent child marriages and Protect womens from eve teasing and harassements


The teams work in small groups to arrest eve teasers, stalkers and harassers. They operate mainly in busy public areas.

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