Summer camp for athletes.

Start : 02/05/2023 | End : 12/06/2023

The Hon’ble State Agriculture Marketing Minister Sri. Singireddy Niranjan Reddy said that they should excel in sports along with education and bring fame to the district. State Agriculture Marketing Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy distributed sports equipment to the students participating in the summer sports training camp at MLA camp office on Tuesday along with The Hon’ble District Collector Sri. Tejas NandLal Pawar.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister said that the students should excel in sports during the summer training camp. The minister said that the government has taken steps to bring out the athletes and organize training camps in the summer to help them excel in sports along with studies. In this program, District Sports Officer S. A. Rahman, Sudhir Reddy, PETs, Coaches Association Presidents, public representatives and others participated.